I know the world of “art” and show business is cluttered with pitfalls and phonies. People and businesses look to make a buck off the talent and dreams of emerging artists those whose only crime was a passion and drive to share what they love with the world.


TotallyUnsigned.org Promote It delivers your creation to fans on top music sites such as MTV…


Know the PR outlets that matter - national, regional, local, specialized and trade press - how and when to communicate to them, and when to hire outside help. Understand how radio promotion works, and learn when you should consider an independent promotion company.


Join The Movement here. Resources for independent bands by Unsigned Band Promotion include: free website and promotion package check with how to promote your name, gigs and more...


TotallyUnsigned.org is a new music discovery site/Bog that features only the best up and coming Unsigned Artists Worldwide. We highlight all genres of music, art and Entertainment.

With my arts and humanities background, being a director, and work in PR with a major cable TV network, I know that this site will have the easiest and most trusted way to get you, the artist, in those doors that the world likes to tell you a forever closed. The industry is changing, and with social media becoming such a major outlet for art, performance, and the like, the time to strike is now! No longer or four or five major companies holding the magic key but streaming VOD sites and You Tube are helping people reach masses only once dreamed by PR and marketing firms. The hunger for fresh, and new ideas and talents is at an all time high, with mainstream media being saturated with reality T.V. trash and recycled story lines from the 80’s and 90’s.

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Thomas Mouscardy

Founder & CEO

Thomas Mouscardy is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, TotallyUnsigned.org Entertainment Group, a role in which he is responsible for the company’s worldwide financial operations. Thomas Mouscardy has held numerous senior executive posts in the US and Greater China.

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James Hillier

Creative Director

James Hillier is TotallyUnsigned.org Entertainment Group (TU.org) General Counsel, responsible for TU.org's legal and public policy strategy around the world. Hillier was named to the position in December 2013. James Hillier has a B.A. in English from Williams College. He earned his J.D. from Fordham University School of Law.

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Welcome to Totally Unsigned!

If you're an actor, a writer, a dancer, an athlete, or something else that we haven't thought of yet, and you haven't the audience, but you just need the people to help guide you, to mentor you, to help you get the edge, we can find them for you. We can put you in front of them. The passion you feel for your work, is what we feel for ours, and together, we can introduce the world to a new to a whole new generation of creative minds. Welcome to the future of artistic social networking. The gold standard.

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